About Us

Since 2016, Everybody.World has successfully diverted over 640,000 lbs of waste from landfill into recycled cotton basics. Our fabrics are world-first, because they’re made from post-industrial debris—not offcuts of existing materials, but fibers leftover from the industry’s yarn manufacturing process.

Viable supply chains in the Americas

We’ve built two sustainable supply chains that transform cotton manufacturing waste. No virgin raw materials are used, and never any synthetic fibers or microplastics. We believe this sustainable transformation of trash into 100% Reclaimed Waste Cotton yarn has the potential to change the industry’s status quo.

Textile innovation

Massive problems create massive opportunities. Our jersey and fleece are both the first of their kind in the world, made using post-industrial cotton manufacturing waste—not the off cuts of existing garments, but the dust and debris and dirt and cotton fibers from the yarn manufacturing level—which had never been done before.

World-first biodegradable fabrics

The Trash Collection is made from 100% Reclaimed Waste Cotton, the first on Spaceship Earth, developed by E.W co-founders Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo.

Ethical clarity

Workers, Ecology, Ideas: our pillars since day one. Always fair wage, considering the planet with every move we make, and valuing innovation above all.

Ecological thinking

A dedication to decisions that consider our immediate environment and its vast interconnections. Our unique process uses less water, energy and chemicals and all cutting, sewing and finishing is done within a five mile radius, keeping our carbon footprint low.

Worker ingenuity

We partner with small and family-run factories locally in Los Angeles, paying fair wages. We believe a more sustainable world is a collective effort, strengthened by the expertise and commitment of many, in pursuit to make the world work for 100% of humanity.

Online blanks portal

It’s easy and quick to onboard as an Everybody.World wholesale account. To apply, complete the form on our Wholesale Application page. Once approved, you’ll have access to our online ordering portal, and the ability to shop our blank apparel in bulk at wholesale prices.

Visit us

Our Informal Shop + Wholesale Showroom is open every Friday 10am - 5pm at 5718 S Santa Fe Ave. 90058, or by appointment.

We appreciate you being here.